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An Identity Aggregator

PoPP aggregates the top identity providers in the web3 space into one transportable identity that proves your personhood.

- Is Privacy Aware. PoPP is designed for privacy; and only contains information about your Personhood Score (PS) - not any personally identifiable information.
- Grows With You - As you build your identity on any connected platform, PoPP increases your Personhood Score (PS), increasing the intrinsic trust in the holder's personhood on every site that accepts PoPP.
- Grows With Your Network - As more dApps build in use cases for PoPP, its utility grows. As its utility grows, more dApps build in use cases for PoPP.

🌱 Backed by Gitcoin Grants

Gitcoin Grants is the largest Quadratic Funding application in the web3 space

The primary goal of Gitcoin Grants is to fund public goods. But if you look at it from a certain angle, because Gitcoin Grants requires sybil resistance, Gitcoin Grants is actually a giant red team / blue team exercise for battle testing Digitally Native Sybil Resistence technologies.

Gitcoin Grants processes over $1mm/quarter in funding for the web3 space, and the sybil resistance baked into your Grants experience is what backs Personhood Score (PS) - the scoring algorithm behind PoPP.

🧱 A Building Block for a Better Internet

Right now, the DAO ecosystem is built around one-token-one-vote or one-cpu-one-vote schemes.

With Proof of Personhood, the ecosystem could move to DAOs built on one-human-one-vote. This unlocks use cases like:

  • quadratic funding
  • quadratic voting
  • Gini coefficient measurements
  • UBI
  • one-person-one-vote DAOs
  • data collectives
  • sybil resistant airdrops
  • + other use cases we haven't discovered yet!

👷‍♀️Designed for You👷

We'd like to empower internet citizens to better control their personal data. Data dignity means taking our social network data from site to site, minimizing the risk of yet-another-privacy-destroying-data-leak, or even earning from our data if we choose to.

This is why we've built PoPP to be designed for you, to be owned by you, and sovereign to you.

Open Source

PoPP was built Open Source from the start; to create transparency, security, and fork-ability at the foundation of the project. View the code, view the apis, or view the integration guide


PoPP is designed narrowly to allow users to prove their humanity, the rest of your identity does not matter to us. For this reason, PoPP only contains information about your Personhood Score (PS). Your PoPP does not contain anything personally identifiable about you.


PoPP is built on web-standards like ERC-721 and the W3C DID/VC standards (coming soon). Using our JS SDK (coming soon) other developers will be able to leverage Proof of Personhood in their own platforms.

Progressively Decentralizing

PoPP is a bridge to web3, leveraging data network effects of web2 networks & combining them with web3-native technologies. Once PoPP achieves momentum + a web3 world becomes closer, we plan to jettison the web2 elements.

Progressively Scaling

PoPP already has 1000s of identities baked into its network, due to the scale of Gitcoin Grants. By supporting multiple proof of personhood protocols, PoPP is positioned to scale as the internet of personhood scales.

Personhood Score (PS)

Humanity is binary, you are either human or you are not - the challenge is in proving humanity - PoPP's approach is to score digital identities on a sliding rating of intrinsic trust in the holder's personhood - Personhood Score.

The more a user does to increase their personhood score (PS), the more the network can trust their humanity. If a user has a low personhood score (PS), the network should not trust their humanity.

Ready to Get Your Passport?

To issue your PoPP, and begin building your Personhood Score (PS), click below ⬇️
(you will be prompted to login to Gitcoin)

Step by step instructions.

1. Login to Gitcoin

2. Verify your identity with Identity Partners. The more identity providers, the higher your intrinsic trust score.

3. Click "Generate PoPP". (You will need at least 160k of gWei for Gas to proceed.)

4. Once your PoPP has been generated, you may add it to your wallet provider (Contract address: TODO ).

5. dApps that recognize your PoPP will give you access to features & benefits based upon your Intrinstic Trust Score.